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NAPLAN Resource is an online testing platform offering NAPLAN Practice Tests including NAPLAN Style Numeracy and Language Conventions Tests, prepared by professionals, based on Australian Curriculum to get students prepare for online NAPLAN exam.

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 Key Features

  • NAPLAN Style Exams based on Australian Curriculum
  • Unlimited attempts
  • New Test on each attempt
  • Large pool of Questions
  • Brief explanation of Answers
  • Reports to track performance
  • And many more… Try for yourself

NAPLAN Online Tests

The NAPLAN tests measure the achievement of students in Numeracy and Literacy.  Numeracy tests are based on Australian Curriculum and evaluate student’s understanding, fluency, problem-solving and reasoning across the three main areas of mathematics: number and algebra; measurement and geometry; and statistics and probability.

These areas cover number; space; algebra, function and pattern; measurement, chance and data. For year 7 and 9, there will be 2 Numeracy tests; Numeracy-non-calculator and Numeracy-calculator allowed.

On the other hand, Literacy knowledge and skills are essential to effective communication across all learning areas. 3 areas of literacy are assessed as part of NAPLAN:

§  Language conventions
§  Reading
§  Writing

There will be 3 tests covering each literacy area of language conventions, reading and writing. The NAPLAN reading tests measure literacy proficiency across the English learning area in line with the Australian Curriculum. These tests focus on the reading of written English. Knowledge and interpretation of language conventions in context are also an important part of reading and are drawn upon in many reading questions.

From 2017, NAPLAN has started it’s transitioning to digital world and computer based Numeracy and Literacy tests are getting conducted across selected schools. Rest of the schools will still have paper based Numeracy and Literacy tests. Parents should check with the schools for dates and type of test so that they could facilitate kids in preparation.

Online Practice:

With NAPLAN transitioning to computer based test over the next few years, it is best time to get students prepare with computer based system rather than paper based resources. Keeping this in mind, NAPLAN Resource team has developed an online NAPLAN Practice Test system which could help students to get ready with computer based Numeracy and Language Convention test for year 3, 5 and 7. While using NAPLAN Resource online test system, student will be presented a new test each time, selected from large pool of questions, based on Australian curriculum.