Should parent education levels and NAPLAN tests determine school funding?

The Victorian government has announced a $747 million “funding boost”to allow schools to better meet the needs of disadvantaged students.

NAPLAN News The announcement earlier this week forms part of the “Education State” reforms aimed  at “breaking the link” between socio-economic disadvantage and student achievement.

The big story is how future funding will be allocated: for the first time in Australia’s  history, parent education levels and NAPLAN results will be taken into account when  calculating funding levels.

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Nothing lost when NAPLAN tests go online

Computerised testing is a way of making NAPLAN more timely and precise.


NAPLAN Online Test

Results will be available more rapidly and, for the first time, tests will be tailored to student ability. The recent loss of a set of NAPLAN papers in transit will not happen when NAPLAN goes online.

ACARA is conducting the necessary research and planning to ensure computerised NAPLAN tests are implemented fairly and equitably.

We are not working alone. Across the world, students are successfully writing using digital technology. For full article click here


Schools embrace tailored tests to suit students’ talents

Could the one-size-fits-all test become a thing of the past?

NAPLAN TestA growing number of schools are moving away from standardised testing, instead using assessments that are tailored to students’ abilities.

It is a trend that has been embraced by the organisation that administers NAPLAN tests, the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority.

When NAPLAN moves online in 2017, the national literacy and numeracy tests will progressively become more difficult or easier depending on how many questions students answer correctly. For full article click here


Tailored online NAPLAN better for monitoring high and low achievers

Australia’s national literacy and numeracy tests (NAPLAN) will be available online from 2017. While there is little NAPLAN Newsdifference in test scores between typical paper-and-pencil tests and computerised versions of the same test, some are concerned about the proposal to use “computerised adaptive testing”.

Computerised adaptive tests start with an item that is known to be of medium difficulty for the population to which a student belongs. If he/she solves it correctly, the next item will be harder. If he/she answers the item incorrectly, the following item will be easier. For full article click here


Rich schools ‘have edge’ in online NAPLAN

Well-resourced schools with computers and iPads could have a head start over poorer schools in the next round of NAPLAN Newstests for the National Assessment Program — Literacy and Numeracy, the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Report­ing Agency has admitted.

The nation’s biggest schooling system, NSW, said yesterday that it would wait until all its schools are ready for online exams before scrapping the traditional pencil-and-paper tests. For full article click here

Can a computer understand a joke?

Can a computer understand a joke?

This was one of the questions education officials faced on Thursday when asked to justify their plan to use artificial NAPLAN Newsintelligence software to mark students’ creative and persuasive writing.

Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority officials told Senate estimates hearings they are confident computers will be capable of marking the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) after the tests move online in 2017. For full article click here

Everyone wins in new Naplan tests tailored to students’ abilities

NAPLAN NEWSRADICAL changes to national literacy and numeracy tests will ensure no student walks out of the exam room believing they are a loser.

Every student will finish Naplan and strugglers will no longer feel they have failed when the tests move online and become tailored to children’s abilities from 2017.

Naplan chiefs say there will be no need for anxiety, stress or tears because less able students automatically will be directed to less challenging material when they get stuck, while more advanced children graduate to harder questions. For full article click here.

NAPLAN: Computers to mark written exams by 2017

NAPLANComputers will mark the written component of the NAPLAN exams from 2017 under plans from the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority, infuriating teachers who have vowed to fight the move.  For full article click here


NAPLAN should include critical thinking, creativity.

ExamUnder new proposals, the national tests could soon be changed to include tasks measuring students’ critical thinking, creativity and extra subjects such as science, health and physical education. For full article click here


The need for NAPLAN is simple as ABC.

NAPLANAS NAPLAN 2015 approaches, we are starting to hear the same sweeping statements and assertions, questioning its value despite numerous ­independent reports and parent testimonials declaring its value. For full article click here


NAPLAN test will be computerized from 2017.

NEWSThe federal government has made $24.7 million available to fund new technology needed for schools to conduct testing online For more detail, click here.